UBS goes down toilet – CEO sells 1m shares

UBS CEO Ermotti knows more about his bank than others.
Last week he tried to sell all his UBS shares.
Compliance prevented it


(See below) , Sergio Ermotti, is a mystery. The chief of the UBS wanted to recently sell a big package with privately-held stock of its Bank. According to an Insider Ermotti was planning a block deal outside the stock exchange.

A buyer was ready, apparently. Then the risk-supervision of UBS in London intervened, where the The company operates its investment Bank. Their platform was the Deal is planned.

The on your own top boss said rather under the sale. It should have gone to those Million pieces, which Ermotti according to the Swiss stock exchange on 26. October 2018 for 13.1 million Swiss francs had acquired.

Look, I buy: Ermotti in October (source: Six)

The UBS did not want to comment on the request. (She did this only today, after the publication of the Story, and in harsh tones, via Twitter, Ermottis newest favorite medium.)

“Complete garbage”: the press centre (UBS, Twitter)

even more concerning is that he tried to sell under the table so that people cannot see

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so question on Titanic is what does he know





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