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UPDATE: Brittany is being held in Colnbrook Bypass Prison in London, she was instructed by the guards to “be careful around other inmates with her politics” – this is according to Caolan Robertson who is in contact with her via phone
she could be in serious danger in that prison

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  1. The British BOOBIES let little White girls be gang-raped by mudslum pimps but they arrest anyone who objects ….
    WAKE UP — Denigrate & degrade the White Male …. all Propaganda ….. I mean all media features Black male, White female, White male always depicted as stupid or subservient…. now who designs/approves media? Start sabotaging those that denigrate you, but mostly awaken others to the blatant pattern.
    It was NEVER about “equality”. IT has always been about REVERSING the roles ….

  2. The mainstream won’t touch this.
    UK Government has already tried to kill Tommy Robinson (in prison) – they want him gone.
    Tommy really does deserve the title of “greatest living Englishman”.

  3. Clearly the British people have to stand up against their government and demand a return to their civil rights and free speech rights. However unfortunately they took away their guns which has left the British people defenseless against Fascism.

  4. All predicted by the Blessed Mother via 4 peasant girls in Garabandal, Spain in the early 1960’s. The girls were shown a vision of the future and it was a devolved society where Europe had become communist and people were completely oppressed. Luckily that/this will provoke Divine intervention otherwise this will be a real Hell world.

  5. The Brits better wake up. The UK is behaving like North Korea. Behaving like the Middle East country that they’ve imported their new citizens from. Only a fool would go on holiday there not realizing that they are going into a Communist country.

  6. “cancelled for the 2nd time, due to security risks caused by left wing threats,”
    So UK should allow anyone to enter, incite hatred and create violence!
    They wanted to interview/speak to a person in jail for inciting violence, and then give speeches in defence of racism.
    Absolutely guaranteed to create a riot in a public place.
    Why don’t you talk to Anne Coulter about free speech, or Milo.
    Hypocritical fools.

  7. Get your guns back, any way you can but get them in your hands and do not hesitate to use them as soon as tyranny (or any of their tools) pays you a visit.
    Think of it as, whatever the authorities can use to kill you, you have the legal right to purchase, own, and use–period.

  8. Too many citizens have been domesticated to the point where they are now “meat on the table” of the rulers. We don’t get the rights we “deserve”, we get the rights for which we are willing to fight. Until that happens, the UK and other predominantly white countries will continue down the road to barbarism.

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