UK – Dozens to be deliberately infected with coronavirus

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Young, healthy people will be intentionally exposed to the virus responsible for COVID-19 in a first-of-its kind ‘human challenge trial’, the UK government and a company that runs such studies announced on 20 October.

The experiment, set to begin in January in a London hospital if it receives final regulatory and ethical approval, aims to accelerate the development of vaccines that could end the pandemic

It is open only to healthy adults aged 18–30.
“they WILL get a little bit ill”

1000’s are willing to come forward and do this, not just dozens !


COVID-19: Mix and match coronavirus vaccine trial results to be available by summer.
Participants could get one dose of AstraZeneca’s jab and the second from Pfizer – an approach known as heterologous boosting.

Volunteers are to be recruited from today for the study, with more than 800 people over the age of 50 being asked to help.

Above was from the 4th feb 2021


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