UK Election 2017 – Will There Be Some Surprises in Store?

by Mark Angelides

As voters head to the polls, many have predicted a Conservative party landslide, but when it comes to contests of meaning over the last couple of years, popular opinion has not always gone the way of the Globalists. The results won’t be in until gone midnight UK time, but here are some predictions that the MSM will be unlikely to offer.

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  1. The Conservatives won’t hit the huge majority that was predicted a month ago. When the election period began, most pollsters had the Tory Party on a 24 point lead and heading for a 100 seat majority. And although the exit polls are still giving a comfortable 12 point lead, my prediction is that it will be an 8 point difference with perhaps a 30 to 40 seat majority.
  2. The Scots National party will suffer. In 2015, the SNP won almost all of the Scottish seats and propelled leader Nicola Sturgeon’s party into the forefront of Westminster politics. But then she and her party became a one trick pony. Constant calls for Independence referendum (with a view to immediately joining the EU, what independence you may ask?) has wearied the SNP voters who would rather she talked about education, housing and defense. The SNP vote shere will fall and her party could end up down to 40 to 43 seats.
  3. UKIP will win seats. The party formerly led by Nigel Farage managed to get 12% of the vote in the 2015 General Election, yet only had one seat won (and that belonging to a former Conservative MP). But this time I predict that UKIP will win 2 or 3 seats. One will be South Thanet where Nigel was cheated last election (the sitting MP is now under investigation and facing charges for election fraud). Maybe Clacton which is already technically a UKIP seat (although the MP has become an Independent and is not standing this time round), has a strong level of support already for UKIP and is very much a Brexit seat. And finally Thurrock, the seat being contested by Jonathon Arnott (a UKIP MEP); he is popular, well-known, and most importantly, the area heavily voted for Brexit but the sitting MP campaigned for Remain.
  4. Labour will lose a couple of its Front Bench heavy hitters. Whilst the Labour vote will hold stronger than most predictions in many seats, those Labour MPs that are more Blairite than Corbynistas may find that the vote has fallen away to UKIP, thus allowing the Conservatives to snatch them up.

I may of course be completely wrong, but with only a few hours to go until the votes start being counted, we’ll soon find out. If you agree or disagree with my predictions, or if you have any of your own, please let us know in the comments section below.


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