UK facing supermarket food shortages and empty shelves

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Future food shortages at supermarkets could be ‘inevitable’ according to industry experts.

It has been claimed staff shortages across low-paying sectors including harvesting, manufacturing, and in particular a chronic lack of drivers, would mean less food on the shelves.

Shane Brennan, CEO of the Cold Chain Federation told the Guardian: “The real crisis for food supplies starts now.”

He said that while he was typically wary of empty shelf warnings, “this time definitely feels different”.

The start of lockdown saw many stores and supermarkets struggling to fill shelves as a combination of stockpiling and more people staying at home unbalanced the finely-tuned logistics big businesses rely on.

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Combined with a shortage in staff for the meat industry and the fruit packaging industry as well as pubs and restaurants starting to reopen, many are concerned about the future.

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