UK Government ‘is funding EIGHT vaccine passport schemes…

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with over £450,000′ despite claiming they have ‘no plans’ to use them

At least eight companies have been awarded government grants to develop vaccination passport schemes, it has been reported.

The projects, worth a total of £450,000, could allow users to securely carry digital proof that they have received an approved Covid-19 vaccine.

It is hoped such a scheme would help get people back to work and also allow for the reopening of international travel.

More than 478,000 people were vaccinated on Friday, bringing the total number of people given first doses across the UK to 5.8million.

In documents from the innovation agency InnovateUK, at least half a million pounds has been allocated to projects for the trialling of vaccination passports that would verify and securely store a digital certificate to prove someone has been given a vaccine.

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