UK Government set to fall on Tuesday

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Remainer MPs plot ‘a very British coup’: Tories Oliver Letwin and Dominic Grieve are accused of being behind plan to sideline May after crunch Brexit vote despite warnings it will KILL the government

  • Theresa May is on course for a humiliating Commons defeat over her Brexit deal
  • Remainer rebels plotting to strip government of control over Commons business
  • No10 fears the move could mean it is impossible for the government to carry on
  • Speaker John Bercow said to be ready to help the Remainer plot against the PM 
  • Mrs May warned failing to deliver on 2016 referendum would be a ‘catastrophe’
  • Jeremy Corbyn hinted he will force no-confidence vote this week if deal fails 
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Theresa May is facing an all-out bid by Remainer rebels to stop Brexit going ahead by tearing up the Commons rulebook.

The ‘coup’ could see the government stripped of control over business in Parliament – paralysing the PM and potentially allowing MPs to prevent the UK crashing out without a deal.

The move – which No10 believes is being orchestrated by former ministers Oliver Letwin and Dominic Grieve – could happen within hours of Mrs May’s Brexit plan being heavily defeated on Tuesday, as seems inevitable.


The manoeuvring was only uncovered by Chief Whip Julian Smith when he overheard conspirators in the MPs’ cloakroom.

Ministers have been warned success for the plotters could make it impossible for the government to cling on.

There are claims Speaker John Bercow is ready to help the backbench uprising, after he secretly met Mr Grieve last week.

The high-stakes battle emerged as Mrs May launched another desperate effort to salvage the package she has thrashed out with Brussels….




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