UK: Increase in positive PCR tests are being driven by 17 to 24 year old university age students, due to mass testing of campuses

by Ian56

UK: Increase in positive PCR tests are being driven by 17 to 24 year old university age students, due to mass testing of campuses.

Most of these (90% plus) will be false positives from people who have previously been exposed to Covid and are now immune.
The PCR tests are being run at far too many amplification cycles.
The huge number of false positives is being used to continue the hysteria and provide the pretext for further Lockdowns to kill and harm more people.
Young people being exposed to the virus is a GOOD thing, as they are at very little risk of becoming ill with Covid and it will help build up Herd Immunity, thus reducing the risk to the far more vulnerable elderly.
This is happening in other countries too as colleges start the new academic year.
The increase of positive PCR tests in France is being driven by 17 to 29 year olds.
There is mass testing of students on US college campuses. 
25% of new infections in the UK are in hospitals for people admitted for other conditions.
Shutting bars, pubs and restaurants is really going to help with that!
People under 60 are at very little risk from Covid.
So are people without pre-existing conditions.
Only 12 people without pre-existing conditions died from Covid in England in the week prior to October 8th.
Government policy is NOT based on reality or on the data.
There is another agenda in play.

If the government actually wanted to reduce the death toll they would be advising people to take additional Vitamin D and wouldn’t be banning cheap and effective treatments for Covid of which there are several.

Lockdowns and mandatory mask orders haven’t prevented a single death from Covid.
People are increasingly waking up to the importance of Vitamin D in maintaining a healthy immune system against viral respiratory diseases like Covid and more research is being done on it, see the article below.
The UK’s Death Minister Matt Hancock recently brazenly lied about Vitamin D in Parliament to suppress its beneficial effects. Hancock wants more people to die from Covid.
NHS doctors need to wake up.
NHS recommended Vitamin D levels are far too low to prevent viral infections. The recommended minimum should be increased from the current 10 ng/ml to at least 34 ng/ml. 
Large dose Vitamin D can also be used as a treatment to reduce the risk of ICU admission for patients already exhibiting severe flu like symptoms.
Dr Mikko Paunio, a cabinet officer in the Ministry of Social Affairs and Health of Finland:
Vitamin D – A Silver Bullet For Covid

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