UK police may ONLY deal with ‘Serious’ crime in the event of ‘Corvid_19 escalation & possible ARMY DEPLOY

This is becoming like something from a bloody zombie movie.

I’m in the South of England & this is starting to look EXACTLY like the movie CONTAGION!!!!!!


But they would have to reduce services should significant numbers of police officers, NHS staff and other public services be struck down by the virus.

The government also confirmed plans were in place to draft in the Army, if necessary, to maintain public order. continued at source……

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Bank of England warns of a large shock.


The official R0 (rate of transmission per infected person) is 2.5, rather than ‘conjecture’ & scaremongering, does anyone have any ‘link’ to something ‘credible’ that indicates otherwise?


**Bank of England wars of large shock**

Mark Carney wars of Coronavirus Covid -19 bringing a large shock….

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“Mark Carney has said the Bank of England will take steps to help the UK through a coronavirus economic shock “that could prove large”.

Mr Carney told MPs that the Bank’s interest rate setting committee was “considering the policy implications of various possible scenarios” that could arise from the outbreak.“ …….. continued at source……

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