UK Police: think before you post. Or else. .

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UK has fallen. That is why we need to fight hard to keep our freedoms.
Are we to be the only country left in the world that still respects freedom of speech? It is even under attack here. If we loose the 1st amendment folks, the party is over. Don’t let it happen!

h/t KaliforniaX

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6 thoughts on “UK Police: think before you post. Or else. .

  1. What if its true and necessary for justice but illegal because its hurtful and unkind to those trying to cover it up?…
    Ans: you’re in europe under laws written for and by the Zionists.

      • Those creatons want laws like that written for them here in the US…our rights to speak freely, assemble togethet, and redress the govt our grievances keeps them awake at night….people here are starting to see why the Zionist have been kicked out of country after country for all these years.

  2. Herodotus rushes up to Socrates, “Socrates have you heard about Annanius. ..”
    Socrates interrupts him. “Before you tell me, are you certain that what you are going to say is true?”
    “Well no but …” Socrates interrupts again. “Is what you are going to say hurtful?” ” “Well yes but …” Again Socrates interrupts “Is what you are going to tell me necessary?”
    “Well no but …. ” Once more Socrates stops him. “Is what you are going to say kind?”
    “Well no but …”
    Socrates says “You really should not be saying anything that is not certainly true and kind and necessary or is in any way hurtful.”
    Herodotus shrugged his shoulders and said “OK” and walked off.
    Which is why Socrates never learned that Annanius was bonking his wife.

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