UK State watchdog censoring old classic movies and TV series

A family-run television channel specialising in vintage British programmes is in trouble after the regulator ruled a Second World War drama unacceptably ‘racist’.

Talking Pictures TV, an independent archive film and TV channel watched by two million people a week, was rebuked by Ofcom for declining to censor the word ‘wog’ from A Family at War, an acclaimed 1970s drama which looked at the lives of a lower middle-class family from Liverpool during the Second World War.
The digital TV channel argued that while the language was offensive, it reflected attitudes of some people during that era, and said that masking the word — which is used by an unsympathetic character — would have “undermined the moral of the episode”, according to The Times.
But Ofcom, which launched its investigation reportedly after receiving just one complaint, found Talking Pictures TV to be in breach of the broadcasting code and summoned its executives to a formal meeting.
This followed a complaint by just one member of the public about a derogatory word used by a character in the series A Family At War, which was made almost 50 years ago.
I suppose all the 70s sitcoms will soon be banned as racist. How long before classic films are removed from archives?