UK unveils MILITARY ROBOTS to give Britain the edge to destroy enemies

THE UK has created and successfully tested a new arsenal of military robots, which will allow British soldiers to have the edge in the war on ISIS and fight in a more secure and rapid way. The AI technology, called SAPIENT, will be able to scan battlefields and identify hidden attackers, by sending sensors to soldiers on the ground.. The robots were tested on the streets of Montreal..

The quest for dominance on the battlefield has become a race to develop the most advanced electronics and computing with debates rife over the use of killer military robots.. It was tested by Canadian soldiers on a mock urban battlefield in Montreal alongside a range of experimental military technology created by other nations, including robotic exoskeleton suits, night vision

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General Mark Carleton-Smith, the head of the Army, spoke earlier this year of a “darkening geopolitical picture” and said warfare was moving into areas such as cyberwarfare, artificial intelligence and autonomous technology..




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