Ukraine 2014 Is Being Repeated Here In 2019

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Mickey Kaus’s observations about the parallels between Ukraine 2014 and the U.S. 2019 ought to open some eyes. Remember John McCain speaking in the square and Victoria Nuland passing out cookies to the protesters who ultimately overthrew a corrupt, but democratically elected government?

Look close enough and you just might see McCain’s face transform into that of Adam Schiff and Nuland’s into Marie Yovanovitch. As Kaus observes: “It’s not the job of the State Department to observe every jot and tittle of another country’s election laws. It’s the job of the State Department to pursue U.S. interests. If that also involves meddling in another country’s politics to a degree that would send Robert Mueller into permanent state of shock if Russia did it to us — well, welcome to the world.”

Worth thinking about.


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