Ukraine didn’t know about Trump’s “scheme” until the Politico Article.

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by R3dCypher

TLDR: The entire Ukraine incident is based on a Politco article that sources a DEEEEEEEEP State “non-partisan” ex member of the CBPP whom is seeded by ex-Obama and ex-Hillary Clinton staffers.

The Politco Article in question from Aug 28th. “If the Administration has a good reason for a sudden cut to security assistance to Ukraine, they should share it,” Fried told POLITICO. “Ukraine’s new leaders, in office through free and fair elections, have earned and deserve America’s support, not mixed signals.” -Dan Fried

““We are aware of an [Office of Management and Budget] hold on funding for the Ukraine Security Assistance Initiative,” House Appropriations Committee spokesperson Evan Hollander said in a statement. “We have serious concerns about a freeze on these important appropriated funds, and we are urgently inquiring with the administration about why they are holding up these resources.” -Evan Hollander

Who the F- is Evan Hollander? You might be asking. Well he’s the Communications Director, House Appropriations Committee since may 2018. I wonder what he did before that?

He worked for The Center on Budget and Policy Priorities (CBPP). A “non-partisan” that seems to primarily look at how the budget can be best bent to fund Climate Change, Immigration, EBT, Income Inequality etc. ESSENTIALLY they are a Source Farm for the media. CBPP makes shit up and the media than quotes them as facts and research.

Who else works at CBPP…we’ll let take a look at the Board of Directors:

Jacob Lew -Former U.S. Treasury Secretary; former Director of the Office of Management and Budget (Clinton and Obama administrations); former White House Chief of Staff

Kenneth Apfel -Former Commissioner of the Social Security Administration (Clinton Administration)

Melanne Verveer -United Nations Representative on the Commission on the Status of Women (Obama Administration); former Special Assistant to President Bill Clinton; former Chief of Staff to First Lady Hillary Clinton.

Kim Wallace -Former Assistant Secretary of Legislative Affairs for the Department of Treasury (Obama Administration)

The Rest are Carter Administration office rejects.


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