Ukranian President Porky Signs Decree On Martial Law After Yesterday’s False Flag Provocation

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“Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko has imposed martial law after the country’s vessels faced off with Russian ships near Crimea. The measure is expected to last for 60 days and was earlier approved by Ukraine’s Security Council.

Moscow then accused Kiev of staging a planned provocation aimed at stirring up the conflict between the two neighbors and justifying the imposition of martial law.
Invoking martial law is indeed seen as a move, which is beneficial for Poroshenko himself in the first place. The president’s rating is falling as he is struggling to campaign for re-election in March.

However, the elections would be just called off if the martial law would still be in place at that time.”

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It appears the False Flag was successful…

Increased security and special operation regimes for critical economic and infrastructure sites. The Cabinet of Ministers would confirm a list of sites requiring additional security.

Citizens could be obliged to carry out socially necessary work. Any citizen capable of working can be forced to work at a defense facility instead of doing their regular job.

The state could take control of private, communal, or state company property if necessary.

The state could regulate telecommunications, radio, and printing companies and infrastructure; mass media; and cultural organizations for wartime needs. Restrictions could be placed on amateur radio and the transmission of information through computer networks. The state can also use this infrastructure to spread information aimed at the military and/or the population.

A ban on holding presidential, parliamentary, or local elections.

A ban on national and local referendums.

A ban on changes to the Ukrainian Constitution and to the Constitution of the Autonomous Republic of Crimea (the legal and territorial entity encompassing the Crimean Peninsula within the Ukrainian state).

A ban on peaceful protests, marches, gatherings, and other mass events.

Within the constitutional and legal framework, the state can ban political activities it deems detrimental to state security. These could include everything from activities aimed at ending the existence of Ukraine as a state to those promoting interethnic hatred.

Evacuating the population and material or cultural valuables if their safety is in danger. Again, the Cabinet would play a key role in determining what this includes.

Managers at enterprises and organizations could be fired for poor work performance and replaced with acting managers.
The government could pass additional measures to guard state secrecy.

Citizens of a foreign state that threatens Ukraine with aggression or an attack could be subject to forced relocation and internment.

Special rules for the production and sale of potent medications containing narcotic or psychotropic components.

The Cabinet would determine the list of medications.

The state can limit relocation of its citizens, as well as foreigners.

A curfew.

A ban on selling alcohol.

Citizens can be ordered to host military personnel or internally displaced civilians in their homes.

Ukraine’s Rada to vote on martial law proposal following Kerch Strait incident

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