Under reported: FBI Agent acknowledges that Hillary’s IT Guy “lied his a*s off.” Did we ever see ANY charges? Nope. Scandalous.

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IG report, pdf page 176, document page 147

In another exchange on February 4, 2016, Agent 1 and an FBI employee who was not assigned to the Midyear investigation discussed Agent 1’s interview with a witness who assisted the Clintons at their Chappaqua residence. Part of this exchange follows.

FBI Employee: “boom…how did the [witness] go” Agent 1: “Awesome. Lied his ass off. Went from never inside the scif [sensitive compartmented information facility] at res, to looked in when it was being constructed, to removed the trash twice, to troubleshot the secure fax with HRC a couple times, to everytime there was a secure fax i did it with HRC. Ridic,” FBI Employee: “would be funny if he was the only guy charged n this deal” Agent 1: “I know. For 1001. Even if he said the truth and didnt have a clearance when handling the secure fax – aint noone gonna do shit”

He lied his ass off and got immunity later on…
I guess they are talking about Paul “Stonetear” Combetta?
Also put it in perspective to the Flynn trap by the FBI.

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COMPLETE FRAUD: FBI requested access to Strzok’s personal email account, he refused. Instead, he reviewed the emails himself and said there were no work-related communications in them.



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