Undercover footage of Cambridge Analytica chiefs discussing how they subverted the American election in 2016

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Claims they ran Trump’s entire digital campaign.

In other news Alexander Nix CEO of CA has resigned *been suspended by the board tonight.

  • They used self destructing proton mail accounts to cover their tracks
  • They admit to using super PACs to hide the origin of negative advertising
  • “Defeat Crooked Hillary” came from CA, spread by entities not directly linked to Trump campaign – potentially illegal
  • admit to using “proxy organisations” (charities, activists) to spread disinformation
  • targeting of Bernie supporters
  • Alleged that Russia gained access to Facebook data via CA
  • Nix says on undercover video he will not share foreign business dealings with Congress
  • Nix refers to the candidate as a mere “puppet” of their craft


I’m hoping they will put them online

Any info will be on their site


h/t EccentricRichAndSexy


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