Unelected WEF Has Already Chosen And Announced The Next Leader

The World Economic Forum has annual meetings every year, with sessions on ‘Climate and Nature,’ ‘Fairer Economies’ and more. But its not just far-left American politicians in attendance to schmooze with the Great Reset’s most powerful architects. Several REPUBLICAN members of Congress attend those meetings as well. Those Republicans seemingly have NO issue with the Great Reset’s nefarious plot for freedom around the world.

Here are some of them from the last meeting:

WEF is a powerful organization they even decided to choose the next leader of the US House of Representatives before he’s democratically elected.

The unelected World Economic Forum, a trade organization representing the interests of the thousand largest companies in the world, has already chosen and announced the next leader of the US House of Representatives.

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Screenshot below:

So WEF Appointed Kevin McCarthy as Speaker and it’s weird they didn’t go after Hakeem Jeffries.



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