Unemployment Compensation SYSTEM already f*cked

by WolfOfWeedstocks

Seasonal construction worker, can confirm. Currently laid off, waiting to goto work when weather breaks. This happens to me almost every year, lay off for 1-3 months during winter, then back to work around spring time whenever recession ends.

I sign up for my free govt unemployment every other Sunday(that’s 1st day you can sign up, every 2 weeks). Unemployment rates were down, so the website and system has been working flawlessly past few months. Today, already, its fucked. I can not sign up for my money. The website is freezing up and overloading. Too many people back on the gravy train. We’re fucked boys, never before seen unemployment rates incoming.

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Anyone that has been thru the unemployment system knows their is about 4 people working to keep THE ENTIRE STATE’S UNEMPLOYED PEOPLE’S sh*t straight. Regular phone wait times are usually an hour, it’s going to be a f*cken sh*t show for anyone laid off.