Unemployment in my area is insane and I’ve had my workload increase 5x.

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by chefjeffb

You know what I did?

Took the sales reports for the last 5 months to the owner and showed him that he is making more money than he ever has (it’s a small, up-scale marketplace and I prepare meals to sell as well as generally run the kitchen).

I then told him that since he is making more money and I’m working more than I ever have and doing more for him than I ever have, he is going to pay me more. And guess what? It worked. To the tune of a $5/HR raise.

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The point I’m making is we should all be leveraging this situation and demanding more money from our employers. If you’re truly good at what your craft is (mine is cooking and kitchen management) you can easily move to another employer right now who will absolutely open the wallet up to get talent on their roster.

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Now, I’m super comfortable and making the most money I’ve ever made and it’s all thanks to the lazy liberals in my area (of which there are many, I work in Ann Arbor).



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