Ungovernable citizens – the biggest fear of the useless “ruling” parasite class

by mOfN81

Why are our fundamental freedoms being tested, why the massive de-valuation of currency and willingness to ban cash and replace it with a digital and fully controlled (by govs and central banks) counter part? why the policies and regulations which are designed to bankrupt the working and middle class at various whims of “emergencies” while we know it’s all BS ? why does the world’s leaders suddenly so hard lined about how much we all “need” a “new system” etc.. ?

It is because those people, the useless parasite “ruling” class and their cronies, who have enjoyed for many many generations, unbelievably privileged lives, enormous amounts of wealth and power – without ever earning the right to have all of that, suddenly found out, that too many “normies” are doing very well for them self, only some decades ago, it was only the upper wealthy class who could afford to live comfortably with minimal stress, strive and then have their children inherit all of it – out of a sudden those filthy middle class working people figured out, that by working hard and making good financial decisions, they could achieve solid financial stability and build some assets and wealth to transfer to their children, they are able to pay off their mortgage early, suddenly the normies are able to take not one, but multiple vacations per year, suddenly they have two brand new cars, in their pretty spacious house with 2-3 garages, maintain a hobby, god forbid maybe even a membership to a tennis or golf club! few were able to have the means to “sneak in” a 6-star luxury hotel and even book the Presidential suite for the weekend etc.. it does not matter that those normies have earned every little bit of it with hard work sweat and tears… the useless eater parasite “ruling” class is taking notice and not liking it.

People with no debt, solid financial stability, assets, booming economy and freedom might become ungovernable.. they might have enough cushion to tell that greedy scumbag CEO that he can shove his minimum wage where the sun doesn’t shine, they can tell their government that they do not want to get that experimental pharmaceutical cocktail and that losing their job over it will not destroy them, those ungovernable citizens are harder to control, abuse, coerce and exploit.

The people that are in power, seek to strip us all down naked, so that we will never be able to become ungovernable by them – they want to always hold the power over you, to keep you helpless and weak. they want to keep living their lavish lives while being nothing more than freeloaders and profiteers at the expense of others, while making sure that you will have no way to change that.

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Become ungovernable.

Pay off your mortgage and other debts as fast as you can, buy your house/apartment (rent is never better than owning, period), build up an emergency fund in FIAT and keep it close by (not in the bank), build up a pantry with 3-6 months worth of shelf stable food and supplies, water etc.. install a woodstove/fireplace and have dry seasoned firewood in your yard/storage for it, have a powerbank with at least 1000W continuous as emergency power (if possible get a set of solar panels to charge it, or a small genny), hold some silver as alternative money and hedge against inflation – it does not matter if you have a million oz or just ten, as long as you have some.

our freedom to exist and strive is under attack. never surrender fellow apes.

I know, non-silver posts are less popular, but as much as this post is not talking much about silver, it is connected to it, and the corrupt system which people want to protected them self against, using silver.


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