Unhinged Leftists Act Outraged Over Obama’s Detention Centers (VIDEO)

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by Chris Black

The American left and their lapdog mainstream media lackeys are totally unhinged these days, bursting with outrage over President Trump’s alleged Nazi-styled detention centers/concentration camps for illegal immigrants’ children. There’s a slight problem with the left’s virtue signaling: all those Auschwitz-like detention centers, where illegals’ kids receive free healthcare, free shelter, free meals, free clothing etc. on the American’s taxpayers’ dime were actually built by dear leader Obama.

The idiocy of progressives reaches new levels every day, don’t you think? Obviously, the left now wants complete amnesty, saying that it’s time to end “family detention” once and for all. As I already told you in yesterday’s article:” I can’t wait to see how the MSM will spin this to make Trump look bad. I am willing to bet the DEMs will try and block it somehow. They don’t really want it fixed. They just want something to bitch about in regard to Trump.”

Here’s Trump:

The  left is just using illegal immigrants as tools to keep their power. They want to flood the US with so many undocumented wild cards that don’t pay taxes, child support or anything else, so they can win any election and pass any law, while the taxpaying citizens just have to pay for it all, when many of them don’t have the extra money to spare.

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Do I blame the immigrants? No, at least for the most part. They’re just acting in their best interest, it’s only human. Democrats want votes, Republicans want low wages for blue collar workers, commies want destruction, white guilt leftist want forgiveness, racist minorities want to stick it to whitey, and racist La Raza wants Aztlan. None of which is good or a positive for this country, and is why we must build the wall, deport illegals, and enforce our laws.

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If you want to see what Democrats want, you need to look no further than San Francisco. They don’t even do reports for car break-ins or thefts anymore. There are human feces all over the streets. If this is the America you want, then vote Democratic.  November is the most important midterm election in the history of the US. The Democrat strategy is to rob Peter to pay Paul. When they do that, they can count on Paul’s vote. And the robbery is not merely economic. The DEMs are attempting to rob whites (and Asians to some extent) of their rights as well. The attack on free speech and free association in the areas controlled by the Left, like academia or social media, is a clear signal of the sort of Orwellian state they want to impose nationwide.

It’s not that I dislike immigration (unless it’s illegal); I dislike our politicians who use these illegals for political gain and power. We have immigration laws for a reason. If DEMs don’t like the current laws, then change them. But we need to enforce what we currently have, or else we don’t have a country.


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