Unintended consequences: Stress and pressure put on families isolated in homes with abusers

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by DCG

This will come as no surprise.

Domestic violence is on the rise as a result of people being ordered to shelter at home or in place. I’ve seen it here in my small Oklahoma town. It’s happening across the country. See herehereherehere and here.

Perp Christopher Stokes being “supervised” while free to commit murder

This story out of Milwaukee is particularly tragic: “Five dead in shooting at a home on Milwaukee’s north side”

The situation is being described as an act of “family violence” and “gun violence.”

I’d argue that this is due to the inability of the criminal justice system to effectively do its job. And the stress that is created with citizens being ordered to stay at home.

The perp, Christopher Stokes, shot and killed five family members between the ages of 14 and 41. He is a known felon who was being “supervised” by the Minnesota Department of Corrections since his prison release in 2015. His background includes: domestic violence convictions against two women, substantial battery, witness intimidation, bail jumping, misdemeanor disorderly conduct, and felony child abuse (for which no charges were filed). The domestic violence convictions made him a prohibited possessor.

Yet we all know that gun control laws don’t stop criminals.

Read the whole sad story here.

Expect to read about more tragic domestic violence stories as “Stay at Home” orders are extended – and extended – and extended.



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