United Medical Freedom Super PAC launches to support the elections of candidates who defend health freedom

by: Mike Adams

(Natural News) In an effort to push back against mandatory vaccines and Big Pharma control over legislators, a new health freedom Super PAC has launched, known as the United Medical Freedom Super PAC (MedicalFreedomPAC.com). Its mission statement is:

To save our families and future generations from tyranny, restore and defend our medical and health freedoms, and support candidates, leaders, organizations and movements who believe in freedom, truth and liberty.

The Super PAC fights against censorship in the realms of health, nutrition and medicine, and it endorses the work of people like Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. (Children’s Health Defense), Del Bigtree (The Highwire) and myself (the Health Ranger).

Join the new Super PAC at this membership link (it’s free to join).

You can also donate to this organization at this link.

Funds are primarily used to make campaign contributions to political candidates who support the group’s principles of health freedom. I have no ownership in this organization and receive no compensation from it. My role has been helping the founders clarify their mission focus and communications strategy, and I believe this is a very important milestone for working on ways to fight the toxic influence of Big Pharma in modern-day politics.

This Super PAC has launched with a video channel on Brighteon

This Super PAC has a Brighteon.com video channel, featuring interviews with Dr. Judy Mikovitz, Robert F. Kennedy, Jr., Del Bigtree, Zach Vorhies and many others:


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See the interview with Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. here:

Founded on Judeo-Christian principles of liberty, responsibility and morality

This Statement of Purpose from the Super PAC describes the organization’s principles and reminds us of the importance of morality, ethics and liberty:

United Medical Freedom Super PAC was founded on the same Judeo-Christian values and principles on which America was founded, including medical liberty and freedom of speech. We are fighting against tyranny, to restore and protect the medical and health rights of all Americans, our families, and future generations. We support candidates, organizations, leaders and movements who passionately believe as we do to work together to transform the medical and health systems in America.

Needless to say, this Super PAC won’t be supporting any candidates that promote abortion, infanticide or mandatory vaccines. You can see the group’s vaccine position statement at his page:


Read this “Get Involved” page to learn how you can leverage this new organization to educate your local candidates about medical freedom.

The founders and volunteers at the UMFSP plan to work tirelessly to educate political candidates about the importance of supporting medical freedom principles such as vaccine choice, access to alternative medicine therapies and the halting of the medical kidnapping of children by cancer doctors.

Spread the word and get involved. Start here:



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