Unprecedented power of Russian hammer: Kyiv-Lviv and 12 other areas leveled – Moscow’s biggest attack to date

The energy transmission system in neighboring countries was hit – 10 million Ukrainians without electricity

Russia carried out its largest ever airstrikes yesterday, launching 100 cruise missiles in a pounding of unprecedented power that lasted at least two nightmarish hours. This time Moscow also hit the electricity system in neighboring countries.

“About a hundred missiles were fired from the Caspian Sea, the Russian Rostov region and also from the Black Sea, ” Yuriy Ignat told Ukrainian television, clarifying that “the use of offensive drones (unmanned aerial vehicles) was not recorded.”

According to the Ukrainian authorities, this raid surpasses the missile attack on October 10, during which Russia had launched 84 missiles.

After yesterday’s bombardment of strategic energy infrastructure in 12 Ukrainian cities, more than 10 million citizens were left without electricity.

The authorities of the Lviv region said that the full restoration of the damaged electricity facilities in the region will take up to a year.

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“Lviv has been left without electricity by 80%, there is no heating and hot water, there is great damage to the energy infrastructure due to the explosions,” said Mayor Andrey Sadovoy.

The restoration of the affected energy infrastructure facilities will take about a year , the authorities of the Lviv region stressed.



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