Unreal! Obama has released 65,565 convicted illegal Alien criminals over past 2 yrs!



46 thoughts on “Unreal! Obama has released 65,565 convicted illegal Alien criminals over past 2 yrs!”

  1. Obama’s direct actions of releasing criminals and allowing illegals to remain in the US, makes him a co-conspirator and accessory to every single crime the illegals commit! With forethought and malice towards Americans, Obama should be sued by each and every victim/victims family for the crimes committed against them by Obama and his illegal cohorts!

    • I’ve got some bad news for you sunshine.
      ALL of this is being done with a specific purpose.
      NONE of these people involved will be prosecuted. The money will protect them.
      Do what you need to do in the time that you have left before the poop REALLY starts to splatter, this country as it stands is circling the drain.

        • No, it hasn’t been news for quite a while, Virginia.
          These people don’t abide by ‘laws’. Those are for the common folk (us).
          ‘Sueing’ them means abolutely nothing. Here’s why:
          LEGALLY (read: in a court of law), “sueing someone” is a civil matter, not a criminal one.
          So sueing someone civilly for an action that should be prosecuted as a criminal matter is a non-starter.
          Sooo essentially these people will get sued, then do a plea deal.. Then they will pay the fine and continue on, laughing all the way.
          ..Aaand nothing will change.
          Like I’ve said before, prepare yourself for the worst and hope for the best. We really are on our own on this one, cowboy,

          • You don’t actually comprehend a civil law suit for DAMAGES suffered by the VICTIMS!
            Obviously the government won’t eat it’s own, BUT VICTIMS CAN SUE! and they are not dependent upon government charges!
            Now go back to your coma,

          • Feel free to continue to be naïve I guess, they love people like you; ineffectual ‘solutions’ that do and mean nothing.
            This country is broken because of geniuses like you.

          • Suing someone for a wrong done to you, be it rape, murder or theft.. is in your estimation “ineffectual”?? well the courts can now be freed up from all those frivolous lawsuits that according to you are ineffectual!! alert the media,.. close down the supreme court, they aren’t needed anymore!
            Laughing fool has spoken! You are indeed a fool who has mastered talking out of your azz!

          • Whatevs.
            You started out claiming you wanted to file a lawsuit against this person “in his personal capacity”; Now you’re equating it to Supreme Court decisions. (which deal only with cases affecting Federal or State constitutional law).
            Personal lawsuits will indeed be INEFFECTUAL at changing what is happening in and to this country, especially if you expect it to have the same force and effect as a Supreme Court case involving constitutional law. A personal lawsuit… Won’t. Do. Anything!
            ..so take your broken logic and ad-hominem tripe and enjoy yourself… Lol.

          • scroll up to my post and see your mistake.. or was your mistake “thinking you knew what you were talking about” in either event. you’re wrong!
            Oh now you claim it won’t be effective.. back peddle much?
            Suing the accessory to the crimes committed because of their enabler will most definitely be effective!
            Go back to making burgers, you’re clueless at law!

          • You’re welcome to your opinion. Your eagerness to continue your ad-hominem tripe however, belies the fact that you HAVE NO argument other than attacking me, and you know it.
            Like I said before, you people are all the same…

          • right, im not a person,. that would somehow buttress your LIES, right??
            You know as much about the law as you do about conversing with flesh and blood people.. NOTHING!

          • I do enjoy your last words, you never knew what you were talking about and you’ve nothing left.. but only someone as delusional as yourself could possibly pretend as though you MEANT TO MAKE YOURSELF LOOK LIKE AN IDIOT! PRETENDING TO BAIT ME, when all you did is show anyone reading this, how desperately stupid you truly are!

          • you’re again attempting to redeem your lost dignity,.. too little too late.
            We know you for the liar you are! a disinformation shill! are you a paid shill or a volunteer boot licker??

          • Blather blather blather, maaan.
            ..You’re using ALL of the same worn out attacks the last troll I heckled used.. Have some originality at least… Sheesh.

          • it’s not trolling when it’s the truth, just so you know! You are indeed a fool!
            You know less than zero about law.. you believe otherwise but you’re delusional! A tort is a tort is a tort!

          • feigning humor when you’ve had your assets handed to you is the only way for you to hang on to the tattered remenants of your dignity

          • To be honest with you I’m just seeing how many more times I can actually get the desertspeaks account to respond to random posts…
            It doesn’t really matter to me 😉

          • you’re not nearly as bright as you IMAGINE yourself to be! Otherwise you’d know better.. but as we both know from your other posts, you don’t know shit about shit!

          • the only shit talker here, is YOU! you pathetically pretended to know law.. we all know better though don’t we! what you know about law wouldn’t fill a mustard seed!

          • If that were true, you would have stopped responding two days ago at the very least…
            But please, continue! I’m sure you won’t be able to resist =)

          • Tort law has nothing to do with criminal law, you dolt. You can chant tort tort tort all you want, tort law (ie- such as a civil suit against Obama “in his personal capacity”) has never and will never have the force of a criminal conviction in the eyes of the law, especially on the federal level.
            You can call me an idiot all you like, it doesn’t change the facts.

          • Actually, it was to illustrate to you that filing a civil suit against Barak Obama is a waste of time. You would get laughed out of court.
            But I guess you think the guys that wrote the above excerpted text are idiots too, lol, if you even read it.

          • and we must rely on your knowledge of the law and your interpretation??
            Yeah I don’t think so! What law school did you graduate from??

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