Update: “Soft Civil War” that is escalating

by Denholm


We are already in the Civil War, it is a new level called a “Soft Civil War” that could escalate anytime.

— Each side undercutting the legitimacy of the other. Refusing to recognize election results when other side wins. (Done)

— Federal government paralyzed by parallel disagreements. House would make a move, Senate would block it. (In Progress)

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— Allegations of voter fraud, some of them quite accurate. (Done)

— Violence becoming part of politics. Even on the floor of the Congress. (Soon)

What happens when these trends accelerate:

— Militia activity becoming more widespread. (Nothing Happening)

— Political parties edging into becoming militias. (Soon)

— General radicalization with the passage of time. Today’s extremism is tomorrow’s norm. (Done)

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— When people are charged with treason, juries say it was self-defense. (Hillary, FBI, DOJ?)

— Acts of terror and more to respond to the attack. (Illegal Immigration and Caravans?)

— Eventually, the presence of U.S. troops in someway. Done (Southern Border)


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