UPDATED OROVILLE DAM And Surrounding Areas INFORMATION – Press Conference – For All Of Our IWB Family In California. February 23, 2017

by Pamela Williams
I have collected videos, press conference, and some updated information for of all of you in California. Here at IWB, our hearts are will you all.
I found this video last night.
New website www.blazingpress.com
It is a great video with very good information. Save it when you have some time and are sitting down.
The following is the press conference:
Here is the Oroville Chamber of Commerce site:
Here is the Oroville webcam site:
Here are some night shots of the base of the dam, which I got from GLPL.com. They have been worried that there are some new cracks at the base of the dam They seemed to think the spray was coming from a crack.

Lake Oroville dam park cam 0223017 central time Pt1

Here is some information and a video from facebook:
This is a video a lady from YouTube made on our original article:
This is an excellent source of live updates and 24/7 information:
California schemin’: Dam crisis spotlights split
While the immediate threat to some 200,000 Californians has been the focus of the Oroville Dam crisis, the problem accentuates a growing rift between the state’s conservative, mostly rural northern counties and the coastal and urban populations of the south — the sunny, palm-tree graced California of American dreams that has become firmly entrenched in progressive politics
LaMalfa made himself available for questions Tuesday at the Tehama County Tea Party Patriots meeting at the Westside Grange Hall, where much of the discussion involved the recent emergency situation at the Oroville Dam leading to the evacuation of more than 180,000 people.
“We’ve had quite the week with rainfall and the incident involving the dam’s spillway,” LaMalfa said. “There’s some grave concern with what has been going on at Oroville.”
Some miscommunication this week that led to extra fear for those living in the evacuation zone. A Sacramento area television station reported an evacuation in the Oroville area, which was actually an evacuation near Manteca, LaMalfa said.
“I grew up during the time the dam was built,” LaMalfa said. “It’s a way to help with flood control and there hasn’t been a flood caused by the dam since it was built. It’s also a way to get hydroelectric power, which is a reliable energy source. The dam is sound and the emergency spillway is sound. It’s the main spillway that’s broken. There are big problems (with the main spillway), but it is manageable.”
LaMalfa likened the dam’s need for repair to a car that has a spare tire on it. It does need to be fixed, but there is not an immediate danger.
“It’s still functional and it’s the first time in 48 years that the emergency spillway had to be used,” LaMalfa said. “Butte County Sheriff Kory Honea had to make the call (about evacuations) and he made the right call. I commend him for it.”
Some questioned the need for clearing out of the area beneath the emergency spillway just prior to its use and the use of machinery instead of a hand crew, such as those Cal Fire has. The area was cleared because they knew it would erode and officials wanted to make sure to get trees and other debris that might block screens, causing further problems, LaMalfa said.
Attendees asked who was looking into the incident, who will pay for it, what caused the incident and other related questions, to which LaMalfa said it is too early in the investigation to have all the answers.
“Obviously, a new spillway built in 2017 would be different than the one designed in 1957 and built in the 1960s,” LaMalfa said. “What we’re focused on is getting through the crisis and making the right decisions and then without delay working on the infrastructure.”
The advisory evacuation continues. No mandatory re-evacuation.
The main spillway flow has been reduced from 60,000 CFS to 50,000 CFS this afternoon. Certainly, erosion and damage are continuing.
The current lake elevation is 850.58_______________________________________________________________
They have THEE things IMHO as an “agenda” with NOT allowing
more images to be published or for “uncensored up-dates”
NOW…following the past week of coverage. We are starting
to see some startling realities with this event:
1. AVOID PANIC among the residents of the Sacremento Valley
due to there being more risk to commerce than in actual
risk to people trying to evacuate.
It is just like all
the PAST DISASTERS where people were NOT alerted (can you
spell Fukushima…or 2004 Sumatra Quake…) TPTB want everyone
to “shop, vacation, watch your TV…and DON’T WORRY”
at least until the SHOE DROPS. We are “collateral damage”
to the corporations.
(and probably others which are involved in
this “runaway train” weather event in California.) Did you
know that one UTUBE author who is a construction engineer
has reported that from his viewing of the Oroville Dam
spillway he is seeing NO REBAR DONE IN THE CONCRETE
CONSTRUCTION of that spillway…something that is just NOT
done if you want concrete to withstand any measure of stress. How could they NOT use rebar? INSANE…

having to WASH-DOWN the evacuees from the flood areas. WHY?

The “back-story” is that these people have been exposed
to raw sewage, oil and other contaminants
…yet we never
heard about this “decontamination effort” being done in
Katrina or any other floods that have been reported in
FROM THE FLOODS? Can you say…”r-a-d-i-a-t-i-o-n” from
the Pacific rain event? Look into this one…It’s sick.___________________________________________________

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Oroville spillway 23Feb17

To me, it looks like the spillway has lost another huge chunk on the upstream side and the falls have moved up a section or two, putting the edge somewhere above (rather than below) the high tension towers.
That’s not totally unexpected, but it seemed the upstream (intact) portion of the spillway was on pretty solid rock before. It didn’t look like there was much undercutting after the falls were created last week. I’m trying to find a more recent picture from above the front of the spillway to see if another piece has fallen off. Views/vids from below don’t show anything besides the falls or the mist cloud.
It looks like it is worse, and they are taking emergency efforts.
Please feel free to comment below this article, and I will answer just as soon as possible. You guys take care, and we will get through this together.


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