Uplifting – Americans Gather Across the Nation to Support Our President

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Prayer Rally for President Trump Walter Reed – Live:

Americans gathering across the nation to give their support and prayers for President Trump:

Americans Bring Rally To Trump…Large Crowd Stands Outside Walter Reed Hospital, Chants “Four More Years!” [VIDEO]

Supporters of President Trump gathered outside of Walter Reed Medical Center to wish him a fast recovery after he was diagnosed with COVID-19, as dozens joined for a boat rally in Florida (and) to support him in New York City.

Walter Reed, Bethesda Maryland:

New York City:


“A nationwide candlelight vigil is being planned for tonight at 8:45 PM EST. If you can’t find a vigil in your city, start one. If you aren’t able to start a candlelight vigil for Trump in your city, stand in your front yard with a candle and pray for him and our First Lady.:


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