URGENT: Get Out of California! PG&E Power Outage BETA TEST! (EXPOSED)

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This power outage is simply a beta test to see how people will react when they do, finally shut off all areas that they don’t want communicating, so that they can take over without help or interference from anyone else in the nation.

Trump signed an order to rid of chains control of the port of long beach.

Earlier this year, the marines trained for a blackout situation in California.

WARNING: Message was sent to put the marines on alert.

Chinese spies have been discovered working for politicians.

China ships tons of fentanyl into the US (through the port run)

meanwhile bay area towns have been put on a “test curfew” purportedly because of the black out.

Earthquake drill on the 17th of October here in central valley California.

law enforcement has enforced curfews in every area without power here in California.

PG&E were held responsible for the Cali forest fires so basically they’re holding the population
hostage until a court ruling rules that PG&E is not responsible for the forest fires.

The Rothschilds sit on every power company board in the USA 5g, smart meters, all controlled for the
depopulation agenda.





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