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It is being reported that Michael Cuggino, the broker behind the 5+ billion dollar Permanent Portfolio fund is warning that we could see a 20% shave off from the stock market at any moment.

Global Food Prices are reaching near record highs with room to grow warns economists looking over united nations index tracking samples. What we are seeing, warns one of the economic reports, is that the cost of food around the planet, not just any one country or even group of countries, is rising. We are seeing reports out of less stable regions that the majority of the populace are going to have a difficult time putting meals on the table. This is something that local governments are concerned about and it is something that regional and international groups are concerned with.

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Security is being ordered to get food from crops to markets – this is something that you can expect to see in the united states in the future. We are already seeing theft on a large scale in the container crisis, just wait until armed men and women work to ferry transportation across the highways of America – wait until police are paid to escort trucks from plant to storefront – wait until you start to see the fallout from a hungry nation – then you will know that the end of the world as you knew it is truly in sight.

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