URGENT WARNING—If Trump Goes, Freedom Goes—Deep State Will RISE & Police State Will RULE!

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6 thoughts on “URGENT WARNING—If Trump Goes, Freedom Goes—Deep State Will RISE & Police State Will RULE!

  1. nothing has changed at all the orange clown is all for the police state, he is as transparent as saran wrap, he is a globalist sell out …… everybody had better open their eyes and take off the black lens sunglasses……..

    • America is in a DEEP STATE of hypnosis. High treason is being committed daily right before their eyes and many of them are STILL in the Trump lynch mob mentality. They STILL don’t get it that the media is the mouthpiece of the War Party, that REAL Party embodied by Hillary Clinton this past election. Since the WP couldn’t get Hillary to push their war agenda, they made sure that Trump’s designs were bashed from the beginning. Even thought the War Party candidate lost the election, the backup plans to secure power in DC were in place to undermine Trump from the beginning. This was its stated PUBLIC pronouncement! Why is this NOT treason? The people elected Trump because they are sick and tired of all the phony lie-based wars that have drained this nation’s economy and spirits! The people who have steered his policies against this PROMISE have taken away that vote which belongs to Americans who put Trump in power! They are guilty of treason of the highest order and if Trump had the balls he actts like he has, he should incdicyt everyone of these slime ball war mongering monsters!

  2. BRING it on!
    There are over 300 US CITIZENS for EVERY us cop AND soldier AND lots OF cops AND troops WILL CROSS OVER.then YOU lose.

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