Ursula Haverbeck, 93, Sentenced to Jail Again for Having a Different Opinion on the Holocaust Story

by Chris Black

I hate to keep saying this, but this all violates the UN’s Universal Declaration of Human Rights, which is ostensibly the basis of democracy.

If you asked Attila the Hun or Torquemada to imprison a 93 year old woman for her opinion on a historical event they would cover their mouths in shock and call you an inhumane brute.

But these are our values. This is who we are.

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Well, at least she didn’t violate copyright by denying this thing.

She’d have gotten did up for ten years like Mr. Bond instead of just another 12 months (I know the laws are different in Austria, but still).

It’s amazing they just keep letting her out and then putting her back in because she’s like “well, they can keep putting me in prison, but that doesn’t mean gas chambers are real.”


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