US 30yr Mortgage Rate Rises To Near 6% Housing Affordability WORST Since 2006 Housing Bubble (Yield Curve Remains Inverted)

by confoundedinterest17

Baby, let me take you home is getting more difficult as mortgage rates approach 6%.

The National Association of Realtors’ Homebuyer Affordability Index for fixed-rate mortgages is now at the lowest reading since 2006 and the peak of the 2005-2007 housing bubble that burst catastrophically.

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The reason? The Federal Reserve, in their attempt to put out the inflation fire (caused by 1) excessive monetary stimulus since late 2008, 2) rampant Federal spending and 3) Biden’s green energy policies, driving up prices.

If we compare mortgage rates with the US Treasury 10Y-2Y yield curve, you can see that the yield curve remains inverted (historically a bad sign). This may signal an eventual loosening of monetary policy by March 2023.



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