US Atty Gen. Barr calls for your benevolent .gov to have back-doors into encryption

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Link to time:

He drops many hints about human trafficking and mentions pedos specifically.

But then he wants the government which has been infested by those people to have access to your data with the stroke of a pen. Not to mention the company providing the backdoor has to protect it from its own employees abusing it.

I can’t tell if this is some kind of 5D chess or if he did not get enough oxygen in the womb. What is going on.

EDIT: I just realized one more thing. He cites as justification for the idea that companies could keep this secure, the fact that so far (knock on wood!) none of their centrally-run remote OS update have been compromised. Any software engineer knows this is trivial if you have authorization, and probably hackable if you don’t. This is could be a warning to us, foreshadowing that such a failure will happen. Keep an air-gapped backup of your data, everyone!





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