US Dollar (DXY) Is the Weakest Currency Among All

by Saad Ullah

The dollar is getting weaker against the other world currencies, especially against the “commodity” currencies.

Currency Overview

The day after the President Trump initiated the talks about additional benefits saying that Democrats had not agreed in good faith, the stocks of the US were higher again.

The Dollar quantities are averaged to be lower relative to EUR, CHF, CAD, and AUD, unchanging relative with GBP and NZD, and higher compared to JPY, considering the lower German industrial production. The AUD currency is the stongest, while dollar is the weakest.

The similarities and associations indicate a mixed price operation. EUR/USD is traded at the top, while GBP/USD was little changed and nearer to the bottom after past earnings were lost. The USD/JPY is almost high enough and the USD/CHF smaller. Higher are the JPY crosses, which are a “risk-on” trade.

Continued Weakening of the Dollar

The dollar index as well as the currency itself is under a lot of pressure. Experts see the recent recovery as a “dead cat bounce”, so they have no such illusions about the recovery, especially against the background of emerging financial incentives.

However, there is a contradicting opinion of another analyst about the ongoing slowdown and future recovery. Please read the dollar index review here.




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