US Economic Sentiment Indicator should shift lower in early 2019 reflecting turbulent stock market

Volatile financial markets and softer economic data has led Goldman Sachs to trim its expectations for growth in 2019

Goldman Sachs cuts growth forecast for first half of 2019. Volatile financial markets and softer economic data has led Goldman Sachs to trim its expectations for growth in 2019, the bank said on Saturday, but cautioned that a full-blown recession was not in the cards.

In a research note, the banking giant shaved its growth forecast for the first half of next year, from 2.4 percent to 2 percent, and said growth would slow to a virtual crawl below 2 percent in the second half.

Nevertheless, the bank declared it was “still not particularly worried about a recession — a fear that’s gathered pace in recent days with extreme volatility dominating trading,and driving major benchmarks into bear market territory.

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