US Financial Conditions Loosest In Four Decades (But Will Fed Tighten? Biden Likely To Appoint 4 Doves To Fed, So Not Likely)

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by confoundedinterest17

US financial conditions are loose as a goose. And drunk as a skunk.

Meanwhile, Federal Reserve Governor Randal Quarles will step down from the central bank in the last week of December, freeing up another vacancy for President Joe Biden to fill as he considers new leaders for the U.S. central bank. In October, the Fed announced that Fed Vice Chairman for Supervision Randal Quarles will be removed from his role as the main watchdog of Wall Street banks after his four-year-term officially expired.

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Now Biden has 4 Fed positions to fill. Given Biden’s ravenous appetite to spend your money (but not Hunter’s money), Biden will likely appoint 4 doves to keep interest rates low as long as possible.


So, let’s join Joe and Hunter Biden down at the nightclub to celebrate the destruction of the US Dollar.



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