US flirts with WW3 on pretext of most transparent false flag in human history.

Let’s use logic and reasoning here:
– ASSAD had everything to lose and nothing to gain by poisoning his own people. He would have known that the US and perhaps NATO would attack Syria if he tried this.
– ISIS had EVERYTHING to gain by carrying out a false flag attack and blaming ASSAD. All ISIS had to do was get Sarin gas from Saddam’s old army (many ISIS are from Saddam’s army) and plant it in Syria, use it to frame ASSAD and get the US to attack ASSAD for them!
– The American IC has been compromised since 2003 when we started a fucking endless war in the ME over “Weapons of Mass Destruction” which of course DO NOT EXIST. That was the biggest intel mistake in the history of the modern world. So why should we trust them now.
– John McStain, Linsday Grahamcracka all the NEOCONS and MIC’s and warmongering fucks are celebrating this. Even the fucking SPD (leftist socialist dumbfuck party in Germany is celebrating!)
– Assad and Russia are fighting ISIS. Instead of HELPING them we are bombing them?
-Conclusion: ASSAD did not gas his own people.
Some people have suggested that this was a strategic move on Trump’s part to show other countries we mean business. I don’t buy it.
I could go on and on but needless to say, I HOPE I am wrong about this and I hope that Trump has a better grasp of the situation then little old me using my brain and logic.
I *still* support Trump because we have NO OPTION. If we don’t support TRUMP, the libtards will swoop in and have Trump removed. If that happens we will have a civil war on our hands in the USA. If that happens all bets are off.
Neocons, MICs, Libtards, McStain are all celebrating!
Look at these headlines:
Chuck Schumer, Nancy Pelosi endorse Trump’s attack in Syria
McCain, Graham applaud Syrian airstrikes
ISIS, Al-Qaeda Praise Trump’s Attack
Hillary Clinton: ‘Take out’ Assad’s air fields
Spokesperson for Russian Defense Ministry uses aerial footage to point out the US military’s poor aim
h/t Nicomachus