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one of the key organizers behind the caravan: Pueblo Sin Fronteras, or “People Without Borders.” And Pueblo Sin Fronteras wants to keep it that way.

Some left-leaning publications such as the New York Times have said that “no group has claimed responsibility for organizing [the most recent] caravan,” perhaps in order to stave off claims by President Trump and other conservatives that it is being aided by left-wing activists in the United States.

The Times, however, is only partially correct. While no single group has claimed control of the migrant caravan, at least two activists from Pueblo Sin Fronteras—Denis Omar Contreras and Rodrigo Abeja—are embedded in the caravan, according to the Los Angeles Times, the Washington Post, and the Mexican newspaper La Jornada. Contreras (sometimes spelled Contera or Contrera) reportedly helped lead the caravan to illegally enter Mexico, where he told migrants “Welcome to Tapachula!” (referencing a town near the Guatemala border). Abeja, too, was identified as one of the leaders of the April 2018 caravans, which were also supported by Pueblo Sin Fronteras.

On October 18, Irineo Mujica—director of Pueblo Sin Fronteras in Mexico and an American citizen—was arrested by Mexican officials for allegedly attacking immigration officials at a pro-illegal immigration protest near the Guatemala-Mexico border.

And while Pueblo Sin Fronteras organizer Alex Mensing, an American, told reporters that Mujica was not involved in the most recent caravan, Mujica was detained in April for leading a previous caravan into Mexico with the support of Pueblo Sin Fronteras. A March 23, 2018 press release on the group’s Facebook page lists Mujica as its Mexico contact, as well as Mensing in the United States. And in an October 21 press release also signed by Mujica, the group accused the governments in Mexico and Central America of adopting “a policy of fear and racism imposed by the United States, doing its dirty work and shouldering the cost of repressive tactics that do not take into account the root causes of this exodus.” The group then demanded Mexico become a “sanctuary country.”

(It’s worth noting that the other signatory on the October 21 press release was Viridiana Vidal, a former NBC Telemundo journalist who quit her job in June 2016 to become a self-described activist “against racists like Trump.” She’s now the Nevada state director of America’s Voice, a union-funded left-wing advocacy group.)

But who is Pueblo Sin Fronteras, anyway?

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The group appears to be a remnant of the now-defunct 501©(4) La Familia Latina Unida (“The United Latin Family”), a Chicago, Illinois-based illegal immigration advocacy group formed in 2001 by illegal immigrant and activist Elvira Arellano. The two groups are regularly listed side-by-side with each other and have overlapping staff. The groups claim to have organized approximately 1,000 economic migrants from Central America to cross the U.S. and Mexican borders illegally since 2010 (prior to most of the caravans). They also share the same Chicago address (2176 W. Division St., Chicago, Illinois, 60622), which is also the same address as the Adalberto Methodist Church in which Arellano once hid from U.S. immigration authorities prior to founding La Familia Latina Unida.

Although La Familia Latina Unida had its IRS tax exemption revoked in May 2017 for failing to file a Form 990 tax return for three consecutive years, the Illinois Secretary of State’s website lists the group as currently active. (Its tax-exempt status is currently unknown.) Regardless, Pueblo Sin Fronteras’s efforts continue with the aid of a third organization: the Centro Sin Fronteras (“Center Without Borders”), a 501©(3) illegal immigration organizing group headquartered in the Lincoln United Methodist Church in Chicago.

Financially, El Centro Sin Fronteras is small, with just under $34,000 in revenue and about $35,000 in expenditures in 2016. Much of its funding from 2000-2005 came from the Public Welfare Foundation, a major left-wing foundation that also funds far-left groups like the Southern Poverty Law Center and Alliance for Global Justice. In 2010, the National Immigration Forum reported giving $60,000 to the Center. The Forum, in turn, receives funding from a number of major left-wing grantmaking foundations, including the MacArthur, Ford, and Rockefeller Foundations.…-caravans/

Without food or money? How far do you suppose they would get without that. There are Soros teams there giving out money, they are chauffeured by busses and taxis paid for by the US globalists:

Unconfirmed images of the migrant invasion force claim that the group might be tied to billionaire George Soros and is being funded by taxpayers.

The caravan of mostly military age men has already been pictured collecting funds from ‘workers,’ but in the latest round of information, it appears that some people, who may or may not be with the caravan, are holding bags that could indicate the funding is coming from a group tied to USAID.

USAID’s work supposedly “advances U.S. national security and economic prosperity, demonstrates American generosity, and promotes a path to recipient self-reliance and resilience.”

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However, the European branch was outed by Judicial Watch in October for having ties to George Soros.

The watchdog group reported, “Judicial Watch today released 49 pages of new documents obtained from the U.S. Department of State about U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID) funding for George Soros’s left-wing nonprofit organizations in Albania.”

“The documents deal primarily with the activities of Soros’ top operative in Albania, Andri Dobrushi, the director of Open Society Foundation-Albania, who was actively engaged in channeling funding to what Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban calls Soros’ ‘mercenary army.’”

“The documents show U.S. grant money flowing through non-governmental organizations (NGOs) that profess to promote ‘civil society,’ while in fact attacking traditional, pro-American groups, governments and policies.”

In fact, some people have immediately speculated, without proof, that the bombs sent to top level democrats yesterday and today were a way for the media to switch the narrative from the invaders to something else.

According to The Independent, through the US Agency for International Development (USAID) in 2016, taxpayers delivered $128 million to Honduras, Guatemala received $297 million, and El Salvador got $75 million in aid across all federal agencies.

The money was supposedly aimed towards developing counter-narcotics activities, military training, agricultural subsidies, and violence prevention.

The idea the taxpaying citizens may be footing the bill for an invasion army storming the southern border does not sit well with many Americans.…tes-soros/

The Honduran criminals are being raced towards the US border on flat-bad trucks, just in time for the midterms. Time to call in some drone strikes!…5488253952

US globalists including George Soros handing out money to the Caravan. How can these poor people eat without money? The globalists know if they don’t give them money they will turn around and go back, they are not going to starve to death.

Look Who The Honduran Invasion Force Just Got a HUGE Helping Hand From THIS is INSANE!

Joe Hoft for the Gateway Pundit reports, The migrant caravan to the US is not walking. That is all for show and just part of a Democrat production. The migrants are actually being carted on the back of flat bed trucks.

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