US Government spending. We have a couple of inches before the chart runs out. Biden is helping Wall Street making more money. It is not about the American people.


US Inflation Surprises Are The Highest On Record

However as DB’s equity strategist Parag Thatte points out in his latest positioning piece, “US inflation data surprises are at their highest in the 20-year history of the series with the last 10 data points almost ‘off the chart’.”

A Friend Asks “Is the Fed Trying to Destroy the US Dollar?”

Bottom Line: Got gold?

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The Fed Misses the Biggest Threat to Financial Stability: The Federal Reserve

In assessing financial stability risks, the Fed should look into a mirror.

Q1 GDP Stuck At 6.4% After Revision As Core PCE Comes In Hotter Than Expected

While few will care what Q1 GDP did in the last quarter according to the BEA’s 2nd estimate of US economic output (when we already knew it came in superhot thanks to Biden’s trillions in stimmies) some were curious what the Fed’s preferred inflation metric, the core PCE would say, after the recent near-record prints in that “other” inflation dataset, the CPI.


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