US Healthcare Bankruptcy Filings Surge 84 percent 2021-2022 also Now that pandemic aid has vanished, bankruptcies are on the rise

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via gibbinsadvisors:

Gibbins Advisors, a leading healthcare restructuring advisory firm, has followed up its August 2022 analysis of Large Healthcare Bankruptcies (Chapter 11 cases with greater than $10 million in liabilities) with a total snapshot of 2022, which showed a sharp acceleration of bankruptcy filings in the healthcare sector including an increase of 84% from 2021 to 2022.

There were 46 Large Healthcare Bankruptcies in 2022 included in the study.

s evidence of the stark trend, the number of Large Healthcare Bankruptcy filings in Q4 2022 was almost 3 times the number of filings in Q1 2022.

Cases in the senior care sector dominated the first half of 2022, whereas the pharmaceutical sector dominated the second half of 2022, driven by a large spike in Q4 2022.

While Large Healthcare Bankruptcy filings in 2022 returned to levels at or above those seen 2019/2020 for most subsectors, the exception was the hospital sector, with just two large bankruptcy filings in 2022 compared to ten cases in 2019.


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