US Latest Spring start of Planting on Record Dooms Food Supply

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by Natura Naturans

This was the latest arrival of spring in 38 years of records for parts of Kansas and Oklahoma. Portions of Washington and Oregon also saw the latest spring start on record.

In parts of the Plains, in places like South Dakota, Nebraska and even into Oklahoma, a late spring like this year’s only happens once every 10 or more years.

By May 12, only 30 percent of the nation’s corn acreage had been planted, 36 points behind the 5-year average. The corn planting in Illinois as of May 12 was the slowest on record, dating back to 1979, according to Karen Braun, global agriculture columnist at Thomson Reuters.

The soybean crop is also behind schedule, and as of May 12, the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) said that just nine percent of the nation’s soybean acreage was planted, 20 points behind the 5-year average.

Get ready for skyrocketing prices for staple foods as well as luxuries.…282457002/…ayed-crops

Cold Throttles N. Hemisphere Spring: “It’s Been Brutal” …”Can’t Remember Such A Delayed Spring” …”Barely A Hint Of Leaves On Trees”

There has been a flurry of major May cold weather and snow reports coming in from a variety of regions across the globe, leaving global warming alarmists speechless.

Australia in ice box
For example, weather site here just reported on how the entire Australian land mass is getting walloped by extreme cold as the winter season begins there.
German mountain peak sees 6 meters of snow – in May!

“Very remarkable” snow in Corsica

New England: “Been brutal”…can’t remember such “delayed” spring

Major Greenland glacier “slams on the brakes”
A sign that the globe, or at least a major part of the Arctic (a claimed “climate canary in a coal mine”) has been seeing a major warming slowdown is that European satellites have been showing how a mighty Greenland glacier has “slammed on the brakes”…-on-trees/





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