US Marines Are Coming To A Local Community Near You! (Or, The Covid-19 Plan Sounds A Lot Like Martial Law)

(Silver Doctors Editors) Some good news, or some not so good news, about the US Military preparing for a pandemic in the United States.

Selected excerpts from yesterday’s MARADMINS : 082/20 at Marines.Mil (bold added for emphasis)

2. Mission. The U.S. Marine Corps will prepare for potential outbreaks of 2019-nCoV. If an outbreak occurs, the Marine Corps mitigates, responds, and recovers from the effects in order to maintain force readiness.
3. Execution.
3.A. Commander’s Intent.
3.A.1. Method.
3.A.1.A. Plan, and take preparatory and precautionary actions to ensure that an outbreak of 2019-nCoV does not incapacitate Marine Corps forces, installations, and facilities. If 2019-nCoV is introduced on USMC installations and facilities, or within the Fleet Marine Force (FMF), execute plans and procedures to improve Force Health Protection (FHP) and readiness.


3.B. End State. The U.S. Marine Corps is postured to mitigate, contain, respond to, and recover from the effects of a public health crisis, and is capable of conducting assigned missions in a pandemic environment.
3.C. Concept of Operations. The concept of operations in response to a viral disease crisis retains the phased approach structure outlined in NORTHCOM CONPLAN 3551, IAW reference I.
3.D. Tasks.
3.D.1. Commanders will:
3.D.1.A. Review, update, and validate existing disease containment plans and policies in order to implement procedures for response, isolation, quarantine, restriction of movement, and community-based intervention.
3.D.1.B. Restrict travel and movement of personnel to areas experiencing 2019-nCoV outbreaks.Provide appropriate medical and non-medical screening of, and protection for, personnel returning from affected areas. Monitoring and screening of individuals potentially exposed to 2019-nCoV should be based on the guidance set forth in reference E.
3.D.1.C. Develop measures to contain and treat U.S. service members DOD employees, contract employees, and family members exposed to, or possibly exposed to 2019-nCoV.
3.D.1.D. Interim guidance and recommendations for reporting, testing and specimen collection can be found at the CDC website:
3.D.1.E. IAW reference K, report suspected cases of Marines and Sailors meeting the CDC’s definition of a patient or confirmed cases of 2019-nCoV through service and combatant command reporting channels, and to COMMARFORNORTH for tracking and reporting to CDRUSNORTHCOM. OPREP-3 and/or SIR formatting guidance is contained in reference L.
3.D.1.F. Ensure DCP is incorporated into COOP plans, including continuity of essential services.
3.D.1.G. Coordinate with MTFs in development and execution of DCP responses.
3.D.1.H. Commanders will protect personally identifiable information and protected health information, as applicable, in accordance with U.S Law and DoD regulations and policies.
3.D.1.I. Coordinate with Navy Regional Medical Command to request PHEO support.
3.D.1.J. Become familiar with authority to declare a public health emergency, restrict movement, quarantine and isolate. Coordinate with Federal, State, local, and military treatment facilities and public health emergency officials outlined in Section 3 of reference B.

If that doesn’t sound like Martial Law is coming to the United States, have a look at some selected excerpts from just one cross-referenced document, the NORTHCOM CONPLAN 3551 (in screenshot form with yellow highlighting added for emphasis):

The US military will not be used for law enforcement purposes, with exceptions, of course:

An “exception” means they can bascially do whatever they want when it comes to participating in civilian law enforcement.

Fake news, lies, propaganda, and everything in between will be coming from the government:

Who ya gonna trust?

Here’s a little something for the “UN’s going to conduct the door-to-door gun confiscation” crowd:

“RUF” refers to “Rules for Use Of Force”, and that means if a member of some foreign military is conducting military operations on US soil on behalf of the US government, if said foreign military sees you as an imminent threat, well now, they can shoot you in the face.

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DSCA stands for “Defense Support of Civilian Authorities”.

And who exactly are they?

They are a range of “civilian authorities” mostly consisting of the federal government:

Local militias, neighborhood watch groups, and even local law enforcement are not necessarily considered a “friendly” in the eyes of the US military’s domestic response.

For the techies out there, martial law will be streamed in real-time or nearly real-time:

On a “best customer, need to know basis” of course.

We’ll stop there.

That second document I just took a few screenshots from is almost 600 pages alone, and it references several other documents.

The point is that above all else, the US federal government is prepared to do whatever it wants, wherever it wants, in order to respond to the coronoavirus (Covid-19), or, quite frankly, any other “emergency”.


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