US On The Verge Of Losing Another Crucial Ally

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by Daniel Carter
The US government’s aggressive foreign policy and hostile attitude toward other nations has created an alarming number of lost allies and gained enemies in a very short amount of time.  United States relations with Russia, China, Iran, and especially North Korea, are sinking to lows that could easily foster a war. If the US elites have any chance of stopping China and the rest of the east from gaining world supremacy, they need as many allies as they can get. Unfortunately for the US hegemony, another strategic ally may be ending their alliance with the US.
Ever since the US invaded Iraq in 2003, the two countries have been closely linked. After the US toppled Saddam’s government and installed their own puppet regime, Iraq has been a close ally in helping the US maintain world dominance. The US has supplied the country with billions of dollars so that they could rebuild their infrastructure and military. In return, Iraq has let the US military occupy their land, and more importantly, they continued to sell their oil in US dollars.
The short relationship between the two countries now seems to be coming to an end. Iraq has openly doubted the US’s military strategy in the region and their commitment to help rebuild Iraq. Now that doubt has grown into suspicion over whether or not the US has Iraq’s best interest at heart. Iraq’s suspicion of the US may be good for self-preservation. After all, the US invaded their country for economic reasons just 14 years ago.
The US has gone above and beyond to undermine their relationship with Iraq. In their pursuit to topple yet another government in Syria, the US heavily armed and strengthened the Kurdish regime, which is an enemy of Syria as well as Iraq. You can see from the map below how the situation in Iraq and Syria is currently unfolding. Syrian and Iraqi government forces are in red, ISIS is in black, Kurdish forces are in yellow and other rebel groups are in green. The strongly US-backed Kurdish forces are interfering in both countries. Kurdish forces have pushed ISIS out of Syria but back into Iraq. The Kurdish military has also strengthened in Northern Iraq to the point of being a great threat to the Iraqi government.

As you can imagine, Iraq is angry about these developments. A few months ago, Iraq made a significant move that likely signaled the end of the US-Iraq relationship. Iraq has now turned to Russia for military support, oil deals and help with rebuilding their nation. This is huge because Russia is one of the US’s greatest enemies. To get a sense of what the US government thinks of Russia, you can turn on almost any of the state-collaborating mainstream news channels. This move not only hurts the US’s chances of further domination in the oil-rich region, it hurts them economically if Iraq stops selling oil in US dollars.
The United States continues to make a mess and lose control of the Middle East. It is going to be difficult for them to maintain dominance over the region if Iraq goes to the side of Russia and China. Syria and Turkey have already headed that way, and even Saudi Arabia is becoming friendlier with Russia.
This should be a lesson to the US. They can’t keep acting recklessly on the world stage and expect to continue to rule the world. Countries get tired of the hostile treatment and eventually form alternative alliances. The US must reign in their aggression before they start a war in which they cannot win. The entire world would be better off if the US used more diplomacy towards Iraq and other Middle Eastern countries.

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9 thoughts on “US On The Verge Of Losing Another Crucial Ally

  1. ALLIES? WHAT allies?
    WE have BROKEN EVERY TREATY and LEGAL AGREEMENT since the 1700’s why in hell would any nation worth a dime make a worthless treaty with the USA? EXCEPT for some DESPOT dictator being bribed. The US CITIZENS have been CHEATED by our national government ALWAYS and people notice this LOW CLASS behavior!
    THEY SEE the US citizens REVOLTING and VOTING OVER and OVER again for NOTHING of any real value!

  2. We gave enough to Iraq to rebuild. They have been defacto allies with Iran since Sadr wacked the 6 Inman’s before him. I do believe regime change in Syria has to be one of the most illogical and traitorist policies of the Obama administration.
    If anything we should have allied with them and renegotiated our position with Russia. Russia is only a threat to their Slavic neighbors. Red China is far a greater threat to us, the West and their Asian neighbors than Russia. China even claims Siberia and that’s where the majority of Russia’s wealth is now.

  3. The USA has no allies just vassals…vassals in general don’t make realiable allies during war. They have tendency to double cross their masters by switching sides when TSHF. Italy during WW2 is a perfect example of a vassal double crossing its master. .

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