US Q4 GDP Price Soars To 6.9% QoQ As Commodity Prices Skyrocket (10Y-2Y Treasury Curve Tanks)

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by confoundedinterest17

Yes, The Federal Reserve could have raised their target rate at their January meeting, but chose not to raise rates. Instead, Chairman Powell said that rate increases are a comin’!

I hope Powell wasn’t hoping for a slowdown in inflation, because today’s Q4 GDP report showed a surge in GDP to 6.9% QoQ. But with that GDP surge we also got a surge in prices paid by consumers to 6.9% as well. Thanks to the continuing massive Federal stimulus being poured into markets.

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Despite the positive news on Q4 GDP, we are still seeing 7% inflation and a diving 10Y-2Y yield curve.

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Along with that surprising GDP report, we are seeing the Bloomberg Commodity Index rising like a bat out of hell (RIP, Meatloaf).

Powell apparently found paradise by the dashboard light. So, why rock the boat? Oh yes. INFLATION.

Should Powell be renamed Meatloaf?


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