US Royalty President Trump & A.F. Land In U.K. Visit Queen First & Then Nigel Farage?

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by Thinker

Well, if you’ve seen the photos, there is nothing more grander than the entourage of America’s royalty, the Trump’s. Is the Galactic Federation part of the security that not even the pope or queen receive? If ever there was a royal family for Americans to look upon in the United States, the Trump’s are filling the shoes of one better than any other.

The Donald arrives for four-day red carpet visit: Trump and Melania set foot on UK soil for first time as President and First Lady – as he gives ‘very complimentary speech on England’ to Embassy staff.

President Trump is said to have given a ‘positive’ and ‘complimentary’ speech about England as he addressed US Embassy workers within hours of his arrival in the UK. He touched down in Britain for his first official visit and has already brushed off mass protests by saying: ‘I think they like me a lot in the UK’ and caused Theresa May a major new headache over Brexit. Most people, a number of whom said they worked at the embassy in London, were tight-lipped as they left a secured area in the park near the US ambassador’s residence, where Mr Trump and his wife Melania will stay overnight. Some cited ‘job restrictions’ while another said he was wary of the press. But one woman said Mr Trump had given a ‘short speech’ which she described as ‘lovely’.

Another man, who did not wish to give his name, said: ‘It was very complimentary to England and to the allies that we have, very positive.’

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The US President, 72, who will meet the Prime Minister and Queen.…itain.html

Melania Trump, the wife of the president was only missing a crown, but even without it she could be mistaken for a queen. She will be that by the time the Trump’s leave the White House, and with prayers and love the sitting president just might be able to mend the division that Democrats have waged upon a nation over a loss. A nation (U.S.) that for far to long has been divided in spirit and has waited and suffered for so long to get it back. Men and women who have lost respect for being American, because of the judgments and actions of past governmental administrations. So many lies that got so high, they came crashing down during elections and the truth could not be retained.

Once again the U.S. President has proved the critics and the past presidential administration to be wrong, wrong, and haven’t got it right yet on what they said about Donald Trump.

In a debate with now President Donald Trump, Hillary Clinton can be quoted and speaking for the Democratic party as well as herself;

“Whey They (Republican’s) Go Low, We (Democrats) Go High”

Well, words have to be followed by the actions which reveal the true content of character and for Mrs. Clinton it would seem another lie to add to so many. It is clearly visible that the majority of Republicans are taking the “HIGH” rode and the majority of the Democrats are taking the “LOW” rode. We should all remember what we say and practice what we preach if it is the right thing to do. Hillary Clinton did not follow her words with the “RIGHT” actions.

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Obama: Trump ‘Unfit to Serve as President’ Now Becoming a Blowback & Tranparency is Showing That Everything Barrack Obama said in video below Describes More of His Actions and Supporters

President Barack Obama was asked about Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump and his qualifications for the presidency during a questions session after a joint news conference with Singapore Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong.

Obama “Trump doesn’t have the right to occupy the position of president” Last ditch speech to try and turn the tide for Hillary Clinton, but it looks as if he already knows the verdict, by the vibration and tone of his voice. Is Obama ready to cry?

President Donald Trump responds to President Obama’s criticism

Republican presidential nominee weighs in on his blunt remarks and campaign strategy on ‘The O’Reilly Factor’. Trump calls out the lies and continues to be “RIGHT!” Inspector Generals report will be vindication of all that Trump continues to say to the world. A president that is putting the spotlight on transparency of the United States government, politicians, Pentagon, and the media. If your not telling the “TRUTH” your going to be called out!

O’Reilly; “Everybody knew the script” What script? Donald Trump not working on a script is sending panic waves through the ranks of the worlds greatest liars.


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