US Senator: US And Russian Fleets Could Clash In Syria After False Flag WMD Attack

With US and Russian fleets standing toe-to-toe off the coast of Syria, can President Trump trust the intelligence he’s being given about the war? Harry Reid, the former Senate Majority Leader, suggested that Trump be given “fake” intel briefings. Sen. Chuck Schumer implied that US intelligence agencies might “get back” at Trump “six ways from Sunday,” which would include feeding the President false information.

In this explosive video, you will see al-Nusra (ISIS-light) terrorists mix, test, and deploy chemical weapons in Syria as you listen to Va. Senator Dick Black describe past “false flag” chemical attacks blamed on the Assad regime and predict more, which would lead to US strikes in Syria, possibly against Russian and Iranian forces.

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You will also hear Sen. Black confirm that Hillary Clinton ordered the murder of Ambassador Christopher Stevens to cover up her illegal transfer of arms and terrorists to Syria through Turkey.


h/t Maranatha Man


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