US Stock Market Surges Again, Up Nearly 30% From March 23rd Low!

(by Half Dollar) This morning started out full of doom and gloom.

Check out Fox News channeling the spirits of Orwell while turning the “Hannity” logo into something that looks like some sort of attempt to bring back the show American Gladiators, and if the super-scary digital map of the United States in any indication, the show may be combined with a Hunger Games twist:

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This is a twisted reality show we’re watching, after all.

Regardless, by this afternoon, well, apparently everything is hunky dory again.

Bloomberg can’t get bullish enough:

Not just bull territory, but fresh bull territory, and the Dow is even more impressive on a percentage basis.

That is to say, the Dow is up nearly 30% since the March 23rd spike low:

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Seems legit.

What’s the catalyst?

For the answer to that question, let’s see what the mainstream is saying, from Bloomberg:

U.S. stocks climbed back into bullish territory on optimism for another round of stimulus and an eventual move toward reopening the economy. Oil surged amid expectations for production cuts.



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