US troops in Korea are on high alert, condition Charlie!

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US troops in Korea are on high alert for coronavirus after widow of retired soldier tests positive
USFK is now at health protection condition Charlie, the second-highest level behind Delta.
The alert comes as the number of confirmed cases in South Korea rose over 800, with seven deaths

South Korea places more than 7,000 soldiers in quarantine
Military confirms 11 soldiers tested positive for virus and 350 more suspected


Not Enough Doctors and Nurses in Daegu
More than 760,000 people sign petition calling for ban on all Chinese travelers

CAMP WALKER, South Korea — U.S. soldiers wearing face masks and gloves wielded thermometers instead of guns
Soldiers have been banned from nonessential off-post travel to and from the base, and were told Sunday not to shake hands with anyone.

Time to walk out of South Korea, before it’s too late!

South Korea Reports New Cases of African Swine Fever

Hong Kong to deny entry of non-local travelers from South Korea

South Korea Coronavirus Crisis Now Nationwide with cases detected in all 9 provinces.
8 Deaths, 833 Infected, 17 Critical, 62,140 Suspected Cases,-8-deaths,-833-infected,-17-critical,-62,140-suspected-cases

South Korea’s foreign minister said on Monday that the US and North Korea should resume their nuclear talks–7337828.html

Trump said the coronavirus can’t stand heat, so several nukes might stop the epidemic.




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